I need to vent…
I do once in a while have to yell at the stupidity and at the obtuse barrage of useless tools that surround me in my daily work life and my life off work. The difference between theses two is blurred and yet is different to have the same tools.
I don’t plan to stay at the office all day and need some real tools that will help me to stay out and bridge my work office, my home office, my car office and my on foot office.
There are the others “offices” but these four pretty much define how most of us operate and if you are honest to yourself no one wants to stay at the work office on a sunny day.
But that is where the tools are rain or shine, so how do we bridge the gap?
How do we also dump the tools that we used by inertia. It is a complete nonsense sometimes but everyone is using the same thing as “that is how we do things here!”.

Need to review some real usable processes that would start the process with the end in mind and focus on the end result through the entire process as well.

We live I a world of unreal tools and yet the insane amount of clutter shrouds the simplicity by artificial complexity.

I will create my own approach to this madness.